10Sei0Otto (DIECISEIZEROOTTO) is the fruitful encounter between Paolo Barelli and Tiziano Rillo. The former is an absolute expert in the leather industry, the second a creative and passionate designer, specifically for leather outfits. Special treatments and a unique finishes are a must-have for 10Sei0Otto. The brand aims to meet the needs of a constantly changing market. The duo is focusing on high level standards and high-quality products, as well as on new technical approaches. A blend of elegance and unconventional design.

The brand is proud to dress people who dare to experiment and are open to different perspectives on life. The work of 10Sei0Otto means boundless research in the use of materials and matchless workmanship. Exclusive outfits occur, made of stretching leather, metallic and cotton leather, coats made of sheepskin with laser-cut inside or lightweight and fragile leather designs combined with linen, silk or cotton.