Isabel Benenato


Isabel Benenato was born in Naples, Italy. Her mother was a dressmaker, who cultivated Isabel’s love for clothes and fashion. In her homeland she studied art and languages, and worked in small studios. After graduation she moved to London to get a better understanding of the world of fashion. Later the designer returned to Italy and started working with different manufactories, particularly those who are specialized in producing jerseys.

Isabel Benenato presented her first collection in 2008 at the White exhibition in Milan. Since then her collections are on sale in high fashion boutiques all over the world. With a focus on designing lightweight sweaters, suits, and scarves, both with worn seams and unique clean cuts, Isabel Benenato preserving her affinity towards the simplistic of black, white and grey shades. She also chicly pairs the rippling forms of sleeveless dresses and skirts with close-fitting suit jackets, sheer blouses highlighted with cut-outs, and the ever classic skinny pant. All in all, she assists in continuing the trademark casual elegance of her label, while still adding new dimensions to the austerity of her garments.