The Italian fashion label dedicated to the creation of timeless clothes has a fan base that appreciates beautiful fabrics, quality, natural fibers and a unique creative vision.

With its sophisticated, cosmopolitan aesthetic, this avant-garde collection reveals fluid, feminine silhouettes that reflect the result from an extensive study of shapes and volume and the multiple identities they can become, combined with a profound love for experimentations and research. The results of these can be seen in the choice of materials and traditional methods for the collection. The exclusive fabrics, realized in natural fibers in the soft-hued colors of nature, create a timeless look and longevity of each garment.

This ethically manufactured avant-garde brand stands in opposition to mass- produced fashion. The pure Italian tailoring and craftsmanship is a choice throughout the entire collections with no compromises and also selected on the basis of ethical values in opposition to child exploitation and against any other form of irregularity. Masnada encapsulates a passion for progressive honesty and vitality.